Jonathan Ng, Reel Asian + CSV 2009 “So You Think You Can Pitch?” Winner of the Established Artist category is in town from Montreal for his prize – Artist in Residency at Charles Street Video this April!

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  1. Cleveland Independent Films says:

    It’s good to see film artists from the other side of the world create amazing films for all to enjoy.
    We at CIF hope to hear from your film makers soon so we can post their work on our wall of web sites.
    Thanks again.
    Cleveland Independent Films (( USA ))

  2. Cleveland Independent Films says:

    You can find Cleveland Independent Films film on facebook, look for our film member group pages.
    Thank you again.
    Cleveland Independent Films ((CIF))
    link to facebook:!/home.php?sk=group_111905125556487&ap=1
    copy and past to your search bar.

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