Theatrical release: The Fruit Hunters

Event: Theatrical release: The Fruit Hunters
Date: Fri. November 23, 2012 - Thu. November 29, 2012.
Location: Bloor Cinema (506 Bloor St. W.) - Toronto


Based upon Adam Gollner’s book The Fruit Hunters, Yung Chang (director of Up The Yangtze and China Heavyweight) takes us on an exotic and tantalizing journey into the heart of the fruit industry and examines how fruit has impacted our lives, both historically and culturally. Travelling from Borneo to Hawaii to Bali and even to the hills above Hollywood, Chang examines how the expansive variety of fruit from around the world has been destroyed with the onslaught of monoculture. In The Fruit Hunters, we follow a small group of passionate and slightly obsessed adventures as they seek out the rarest fruit in the world, cataloguing and propagating the rich varieties of succulent treats to keep them from becoming extinct. Be prepared for a mouth-watering odyssey that is bound to make you long for a ripe mango.

The Fruit Hunters premiered at this year’s Reel Asian 2012. Watch the trailer here.

Catch it at Bloor Cinema from November 23-29. Screening details here. Follow The Fruit Hunters here.

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  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks for listing our event! Advance tickets are available at:

  3. Lost Years says:

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