The Catch: Japanese Cinema of the Eighties

Event: The Catch: Japanese Cinema of the Eighties
Date: Tue. March 5, 2013 - Sat. April 6, 2013.
Location: TIFF Bell Lightbox (Reitman Square, 350 King St W) - Toronto, Canada


TIFF Cinematheque continues their spotlight on Japan with The Catch: Japanese Cinema of the Eighties

Ranging from the wild and wanton to the austere and magisterial, this programme includes many rarely seen classics from that extraordinary era, and offers an introduction to important directors whose work is not easily available.

This retrospective continues until April 6 with the following remaining films


The Man Who Stole the Sun Dir: KAZUHIKO HASEGAWA

Saturday March 30 @ 3:45PM

A high school chemistry teacher attempts to hold Japan to ransom with a homemade atomic bomb in this weird, wild and controversial black comedy.


Farewell To The Land Dir: MITSUO YANAGAMACHI

Sunday March 31 @ 1:00PM

Director Mitsuo Yanagimachi evokes Bresson and Mizoguchi in this portrait of an alienated, amphetamine-addicted loner in rural Japan at odds with his family, friends, and society at large.


Preparation For The Festival Dir: KAZUO KUROKI

Tuesday April 2 @ 9:00PM

Named after one of Gauguin’s Tahitian paintings, this affectionate and insightful autobiographical portrait of a rural Japanese community was hailed as a major work when it played at the New York Film Festival.



Friday April 5 @ 6:30PM

The great Hiroshi Teshigahara (Woman in the Dunes) returned to the screen with this exquisitely designed historical drama about a famed sixteenth-century tea master who enters a clash of wills with an ambitious warlord.


No More Easy Going Dir: YOICHI HIGASHI

Saturday April 6 @ 4:30PM

A young woman is torn between her obnoxious boyfriend and an older, eccentric journalist with ties to the underworld, in this extraordinarily intimate study of male fecklessness and female desire.

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  2. Cindy says:

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