T&T Waterfront Night Market

Event: T&T Waterfront Night Market
Date: Fri. July 19, 2013 - Sun. July 21, 2013.
Location: T&T Supermarket (222 Cherry Street - Downtown Toronto Port Lands) - Toronto, Ontario


Most night markets in Asia last throughout the entire summer season. Since it stretches over a couple months, patrons can come back week after week to enjoy the street food and have some fun. What happens when you squish this all in one weekend? Well for one thing, a weekend is not enough!

NAAAP’s T&T Waterfront Night Market takes place from Friday July 19 – 21, just a week after the uptown night market, Night It Up! If you didn’t get a chance head to Markham the previous week, you can still experience the wonderful world of Asian night markets at T&T Waterfront Night Market (or maybe you just want to attend both).

Hours of Operation
Friday July 19:  6pm – midnight
Saturday July 20: 4pm – midnight
Sunday July 21: 4pm – 10pm

Reel Asian will be at the night market for all 3 days. Come visit us at our booth and spin the wheel to win some great prizes! This year we’ll be holding our outdoor film screenings again. So as soon as the sun goes down, grab your tasty treats and make sure you get a good seat!

Check out the film schedule below:

Friday July 19 at 9:00 pm – “Bodyguards and Assassins” (dir. Teddy Chan)

Synopsis: In 1905, revolutionist Sun Yat-Sen visits Hong Kong to discuss plans with Tongmenghui members to overthrow the Qing dynasty. But when they find out that assassins have been sent to kill him, they assemble a group of protectors to prevent any attacks. (source: IMDB). Trailer

Saturday July 20 at 9:00 pm – “Jump Ashin! 翻滚吧!阿信” (dir. Lin Yu-Hsien)

Synopsis: Jump Ashin! follows the adventures and mishaps of Ashin, who, despite the many obstacles he faces, is determined to be a world-class gymnast. Winner of the 2011 Taipei Film Festival Audience Award, Jump Ashin! features an outstanding cast and screened at the 2011 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. Trailer

Sunday July 21 at 8:00 pm – “The Fruit Hunters” (dir. Yung Chang)

Synopsis: Award-winning Canadian documentary filmmaker Yung Chang’s The Fruit Hunters is a globetrotting tour of faraway places filled with eccentric people to whom fruit is a way of life and not just a suggested daily dietary recommendation. Trailer

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