I’ll Be White For You

Joyce and I spent a hilarious night with Asiansploitation last night at the encore presentation of their Fringe Show “Spanks the Tiger” – there is nothing better than self-deprecating Asian humour to the tune of Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You”, lovingly re-written as “I’ll Be White For You” (my favourite song just got better)…

I have seen these guys perform at other events including NAAAP‘s recent mixer, but it was my first time seeing their full show and I found myself either giggling or shrieking with laughter the whole time… special mention to Franco Nguyen, recent star of Reel Asian’s SUITE SUITE CHINATOWN project, for incredible versatility and comic timing. I’m smitten! Never knew the word “shimmy” could be so funny. Asiansploitation Spanks the Tiger is on only until Saturday – you have been warned.

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