18th Annual Edition
November 6-16, 2014 

How to Use Guys with Secret Tips

07 November 2013 20:30

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AGO - Jackman Hall Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G4, Canada

How to Use Guys with Secret Tips
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Choi Bo-Na spends her days on movie sets hiding in the shadow of her sexist boss and baggy hoodie. When she stumbles upon a secret instructional video, she suddenly gets more romantic attention than she bargained for.

South Korea 2013 | 116:00 | Korean with English subtitles | Toronto Premiere | Rated PG | BUY TICKETS
  • Lee Won-suk
  • Kim Hyun-shin, Yoon Chang-sook, Eo Ji-yeon
  • CAST
  • Lee Si-young, Oh Jung-se, Park Yeong-gyu
  • Audience Award— Udine Far East Film 2013
  • (Bronze) Best Asian Feature— Fantasia Film Festival 2013
  • New York Asian Film Festival 2013
  • Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2013

Bona (Lee Si-yeong, doing her best pouty Bae Doona impersonation) is an overworked and underpaid second assistant to a famous commercial director. She has been in this industry for over five years now, but is always given the grunt tasks, while her peers (mostly male) are given preferential treatment.

After a particularly disastrous shoot, where she is blamed for inciting a spoiled actor’s outburst, she finds herself alone on a beach where she meets Dr. Swalski (Park Yeong-gyoo) and is talked into buying a set of self-help videos (on VHS, no less) entitled How to Use Guys with Secret Tips. At first she wonders why she wasted so much money on these videos, but as she transforms from a mopey, hoodie-wearing wet blanket who sulks in the corner of the office to confident director in her own right, she soon takes over her male- dominated company.

A battle of the sexes comedy that doesn’t sink with clichés, How to Use Guys with Secret Tips is a fun ride, with visual flair and an awesome soundtrack.

- AL

Born in 1974,Lee Won-suk worked in Bobblehead Factory Production based in the US, directing commercials for Toyota Sienna Van, Calvin Klein Eternity and WD40. He is currently teaching Cinematography in Hongik University of Korea.



Austin Wong (in attendance) | Canada 2013 | 9:45

Gaysian is a romantic comedy about an Asian gay man confronting racism in the dating world, making him reconsider his own prejudices.

Austin Wong has worked in the film industry for 14 years for companies such as Rhombus Media, Alliance, and Lionsgate. He was a producer for This Movie is Broken, and Associate Producer for Blindness and Passchendaele.