18th Annual Edition
November 6-16, 2014 


13 November 2013 20:00

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Innis Town Hall 2 Sussex Avenue, University of Toronto - St. George Campus, Toronto, ON M5S 1J5, Canada


Sprung brings filmmakers together with an exciting selection of unique performing artists representing a range of hybrid dance forms including waacking, poppin’, Filipino folk + modern, contemporary + conceptual, and funky + athletic.

Curated by Nadine Villasin & Heather Keung | All films rated G | BUY TICKETS

Two years ago, we strategically paired five groups together and invited them to create a new dance, film and/or live multimedia work that incorporates dance. Collaboration was a central component to the project, as the purpose was to build stronger ties between across artistic disciplines. The experience gave participants a rare opportunity to work together outside of their usual roles, in order to learn about each other’s processes and art forms. These relation- ships developed into an expanded dialogue about how both media and performing art forms represent culture, histories, and identity. As a result, five new works highlight how film and dance have the power to influence social change, build community, and affect artistic and cultural discourse.

*All filmmakers and performing artists will be in attendance

Waack Revolt–A Dance Film

Sonia Hong, Emily Law (aka Em Fatale), Diana Reyes (aka Fly Lady Di) | 2013

In 1940s Hollywood, two lovers first meet. Their love is fueled by their passion for “Waacking.” Outraged by their dancing, the public exclaims that they must keep it behind closed doors. In response, the couple escapes to different times, sliding, and interchanging between genders.

Sonia Hong is a Toronto-based film- maker who explores various elements of gender identity and empowerment. She has won numerous awards includ- ing WIFT-T’s Most Innovative Film by a Female Director, Toronto Urban Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize, Best Up-and- Coming Toronto Filmmaker at Inside Out LGBT Film Festival.

Emily Law is a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and is a founding member of the Toronto house dance crew Warehouse Jacks. She has been nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore award and a Gemini for her work with Kaha:wi Dance Theatre.

Diana Reyes is a multi-disciplinary artist known as a professional dancer, visual artist, and actor. She is currently a member of b current’s prestigious rAiz’n ensemble—home to some of Canada’s most successful performing artists, playwrights, and producers.

Friend Dance

Tad Hozumi, Mark “Neo Boog” Cabuena | 2013

Learn to dance with your friendly neighbourhood dance crew, the MoonRunners, who specialize in poppin’, a style characterized by the use of explosive muscle contractions. Including tips on how to listen to music and dance at a party.

Tad Hozumi was born in 1977 in Basel, Switzerland and grew up in Toronto. Hozumi is currently based in Vancouver and working on an interdisciplinary art work that explores the subversive history of street style dances.

Mark “Neo Boog” Cabuena has been a competitor of the street dance style poppin’ since 2000. He recently won the Bust a Move popping 1 on 1 competition in Montreal. Cabuena is also a graphic designer.

The young experimental group Moon Runners is one of the top freestyle dance groups in Toronto, and include: Snap, Freakwen-C, and Shawn. They have formed a strong foundation in Toronto by providing workshops, hosting events, and mentoring young up-and- coming dancers.


Shasha Nakhai, Catherine Hernandez | 2013

A migrant nanny takes centre stage and externalizes her internal pain through dance, utilizing brilliant red fans in a dizzying and riveting blend of traditional Filipino and modern improvisational dance.

Shasha Nakhai’s first documentary film, Baby Not Mine (2009), about Filipino caregivers in Canada, won awards at the Human Rights DocFest and Montreal World Film Festival. Nakhai was born in the Philippines, grew up in Nigeria, and is now based in Toronto.

Catherine Hernandez is a proud queer woman of colour and single mom. She is the founder of Sulong Theatre. Her plays include Future Folk, Eating with Lola, and Kilt Pins.

Between Us

Randall Okita, Andrea Nann | 2013

An investigation takes place in and around the perimeters of the camera lens, in a minimally prescribed conceptual perfor- mance about a collaboration between strangers.

Randall Okita is a Japanese Canadian director born in Calgary and based in Toronto. He is a recent CFC graduate and has a broad range of experience in feature films, television, commercials, and documentaries.

Andrea Nann and the Dreamwalker Dance Company’s creative mandate is to speak to the human experience and encourage investigation. Nann has a long history of artistic collaborations across multiple disciplines.

Déja Vu aka Restorative Structure

Dean Vargas, Tom Kuo, Lauren Cook (Alias Dance Project) | 2013

A combination of live dance, projected video, and interactive motion-sensor-based visuali- zation takes an immersive approach to mental health and the loss of memory. Embodying feelings of disorientation and alienation, the choreography ultimately aims to build great understanding and hope.

Dean Vargas is a young Filipino Canadian freelance director, editor, motion designer based in the GTA. His independent productions focus on social narratives and cover themes such as mental illness, environmental issues, and martial arts/dance.

Tom Kuo is an award-winning designer and creative director. Tom moves between scenes, trends, and subcultures–from electronic music to audio-visual design, to new media installations, experience design, and more.

Lauren Cook is a Toronto–based artist, teacher, and the artistic director of Alias Dance Project. Some of Cook’s choreographic credits include Under the Mulberry Bush (2007), The Hidden Truth (2009), While You Were Sleeping (2010), Restorative Structure (2012) and A How To Guide (2012).

Alias Dance Project integrates communities by engineering collaborative relationships between diverse groups. Through their unique dynamic and physical risk, they explore the heart and soul of many dance vocabularies and create artistic works that are fresh, exciting, funky, and athletic. This project includes performing artists Sierra Chin Sawdy, Mayumi Lashbrook, Madeleine Shen, and Jen Hum.