18th Annual Edition
November 6-16, 2014 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011 16:03
2011 Postcard Unveiled



Reel Asian has unveiled the 2011 Festival Postcard featuring Asiansploitation's Franco Nguyen. Stay tuned for our festival trailer coming out this fall. Thanks to all the staff, crew, volunteers and extras who contributed to the campaign!


Photography: Joyce Wong
Art Direction: beehivedesign.com
Copywriter: David Strasser


Producer/Director: Joyce Wong
Production Manager: Eva Ho
Cinematographer: Maya Bankovic
Production Design: Sonia Hong
Editor: Chris Murphy
Sound Design: Chandra Bulucon
Campaign: beehivedesign.com
Copywriter: David Strasser
Gaffer: Jeff Hanley
1st Camera Assistant: Justin Crouch
Swing: Joel Kim
Make-up: Meena Patel
Volunteers Coordinator: Gina Rim
Production Assistants: Thila Vijayan, Batotsyren Bazarov, David Schmidt, 
Sam Ho, Mahmud Moral, 
Production Designer’s Assistant: Tara Newell
Production Stills: Lisa Bang